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Malaga Airport Transfers

Terms and Conditions of Service
1- When waiting time is longer than 3 hours due to flight delays in a customer pick-up service at the airport, Autosol will charge the equivalent to a "no-show" service in addition to the service provided upon customer arrival.

2- Maximum waiting time for a customer after flight arrival is 1 hour unless the customer contacts the driver or Autosol to inform us of the delay.

3- A “no-show” at the airport will incur the minimum service charge for the car requested.

4- A 4.00 euro surcharge per address will apply for pick-up or drop-off services to two or more addresses in the same zone. The surcharge applies after the second address and a maximum of 3 hotels.

5- A 4.00 euro surcharge per address will apply for pick-up or drop-off services to two or more addresses in different zones but in the same direction. The surcharge applies after the first address and a maximum of 3 hotels.

6- When a service at customer disposal(1) is requested, it must be indicated whether it is an unrestricted service(1) or which service is actually being requested. In the event that the customer requests extra services, Autosol will assume that payment for the extras will be charged by the customer, not the agency, should they accept our rates.

(1) In these services the car is at the customer disposal, either on a restricted (8 hours/250 km or 4 hours/125 km) or unrestricted (unlimited time and mileage) basis.

7- The following times and mileage apply for services at customer disposal: the time and mileage will commence from the time and location arranged with the agency and/or customer and will end when the customer is dropped off. The fare for a restricted service at customer disposal (4 hours) not originated in Malaga city, Torremolinos or Benalmádena will be the equivalent to a transfer to the pick-up location plus the service at customer disposal.

8- Transfers between hotels in zone 1 and zone 2 will be charged at 20.71 euro plus VAT.

9- The following surcharges will apply for transfers from the Torremolinos-Cádiz zone to
Malaga city and not to Malaga airport:
- Standard car: 9.91 EUR
- Estate/station wagon: 11.89 EUR
- Mercedes E-Class/MPV/Audi A-6: 12.88 EURv - Mercedes S-Class: 15.86 EURv - Minibus (7-seater): 14.87 EUR
Prices above do not include VAT.

10- Services requiring a foreign language speaking driver will incur a 15% surcharge over the service total.
Languages currently available: English, German, Russian, Italian, Arab, French.

11- Service cancellations will be communicated by fax. The following notice time applies: 24 hours if the service is outside the Andalusian region, 6 hours if it is outside Malaga province and 3 hours if within Malaga province. Failure to do so will incur full service charges to the agency.

12- Transfers between the airport and hotels Puerta del Sol, Hotel Mijas, Hotel Byblos, Hotel Tamisa Golf, La Cala Resort, Alahurin Golf and La Fonda will not include intermediate pickups or drop-offs to other destinations.

13- As stated in the Royal Decree 1428/2003 of 21 November 2003, approving the general traffic regulations, it is prohibited to drive with children without officially approved restraint systems adapted to their height and age. In those instances where customers do not bring their baby seat or officially approved device and this has not been requested to us beforehand (indicating the child´s height and age), and given the strict regulations on this matter, Autosol would not be able to provide the service which nonetheless will be charged in full. Services requiring a baby seat will incur a surcharge of 5.00 EUR plus VAT, per baby seat.

14- A child travelling in any of our cars will always occupy a seat, same as adults. Under no circumstances the maximum number of seats allowed in the car can be exceeded (i.e. 4 seats for standard cars, estate/station wagons, MPV and Mercedes and 7 seats for minibus).

15- In order to provide the best possible service, Autosol recommends that customers with special luggage needs (for example golf clubs or excess luggage) request a car suitable to their requirements (estate/station wagon, MPV or minibus) as other cars have standard size boot. If an additional car is required as a result, the service for the additional car will be charged to the customer, unless it is accepted by the agency.

16- On arrivals with more than one flight, the time difference between the first and the last flight can be no longer than 30 minutes. If one of the flights is delayed more than one and a half hours, Autosol will not be able to provide the service and will strive to notify the situation to the agency which can then request a new service if it so desires. For services where a representative at the airport is required, the driver will arrive at the scheduled arrival time of the last flight.

17- Office hours to request services are 0800-1900 CET. Autosol reserves the right whether to accept services requested outside office hours.

18- Office hours for notification of changes or cancellations are 0800-2000 CET.

19- Autosol will not be responsible for duplications of service caused by the agency re- sending or forwarding requests already received by Autosol, unless it is clearly specified in the request.

20- All Autosol cars have complaint forms for customers who may require them. Forms must be duly completed to process customer complaints.

21- GPS devices are fitted in the entire Autosol fleet. At an agency request, Autosol can send a report detailing location, route, car speed or waiting time. This information can be requested by the agency up to 30 days after the service was provided and will be compulsory to lodge any complaint.

22- Complaints about Autosol services can be lodged within the 30 days after the service was provided.

23- Payment terms: 30 days from invoice date.

24- Failure to comply with the payment terms set out above will result in cancellation of any future service, including those already confirmed before the non-payment situation.

25- Autosol does not authorise any payment or compensation in kind if this has not previously authorised by Autosol.

26- If a service has been booked and the customer chooses another means of transport, the customer will be invoiced for the full amount of the service requested.

27- For any dispute arising out of the application or fulfilment of this contract, the signing parties expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Torremolinos, waiving their rights to any other jurisdiction that may apply to them.

The signing parties hereby agree to these terms and conditions as well as the Fare sheet attached which will apply to all work orders from 1st April 2012 to 31st March 2013.
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